Which Companies Can Benefit From Rubber Flooring?

If you’re in an industry that needs enhanced function and practicality over design, then rubber flooring is the right commercial flooring choice for you. Facilities that see a high level of foot traffic are best suited to rubber flooring since it is recyclable, highly durable, stain-resistant, slip-resistant, shock-absorbing, and easy to maintain. If you’re in one of the industries below, or if you want to know which flooring type would best suit your company, contact JKP commercial flooring contractor today.

Gyms & Athletic Facilities

Rubber flooring is by far the most popular commercial flooring option for gyms and fitness facilities. Its durability is able to easily withstand the high foot traffic and the weight of heavy equipment that is constantly present in commercial gyms. Rubber flooring is also slip-resistant and absorbs shock, so visitors are safer and have surer footing while working out. It’s extremely easy to clean too, which allows your gym to remain as sanitary as possible. All sweat and spills can be mopped up thoroughly and with ease, so your guests stay healthy and your employees stay on schedule.

Schools & Daycares

Indoors or outdoors, children’s playtime can benefit from the installation of safe and durable rubber flooring. Rubber flooring’s impact resistance and slip resistance protect kids while playing, reducing the risk of serious injuries due to falls. It also absorbs sound rather than reflecting it, so rubber flooring can help reduce excessive noise when kids get rambunctious. Rubber flooring is stain-resistant, waterproof, and repels dirt. It can be easily maintained and thoroughly cleaned with solutions as simple as mild soap and water. When it comes to daycares, you need flooring that can withstand any kid’s playing. Rubber flooring is extremely durable and low-maintenance, so it’s suitable for any childcare center.


Rubber flooring is a great option for hospitals and medical centers due to its safety features, durability, and affordability. In a place where you have weak, unsteady patients and frantically running staff, the slip resistance of rubber flooring helps keep the facility as safe as possible for everyone. Rubber flooring is shock absorbent and highly durable, which makes it ideal for areas that see intense impacts such as hospital corridors. Rubber won’t be subject to easy wear and tear, no matter how many hospital beds are rolled over them, so they’re a cost-effective investment that is the epitome of practical and reliable for an industry that needs it.

If rubber flooring sounds like the right solution for your business, call the commercial flooring specialists at JKP today to find out more about installation and product options. Our innovative installation techniques utilize nights and weekends so that your productivity is never slowed and your workday is never interrupted. To find out more about us or to get started with a free flooring estimate today, give us a call at (800) 500-5739