Top 5 Tips for Choosing Commercial Carpeting Tiles

Not all carpeting is created equal. If you’re installing commercial carpeting into your Anaheim retail or office space, there are several factors to consider before choosing a material. There are a vast array of carpet tile options created to suit a wide variety of businesses. A retail store will have different carpeting needs than a medical office who’ll have different needs than a corporate office, but rest assured there’s an option for everyone. No matter what business you’re in, make sure your carpet is suitable for you and your needs by following these five tips for choosing commercial carpeting tiles:

#1. Consider Color

Carpet tiles come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, but whichever one you choose will say a lot about your business. Your carpeting contributes to the overall atmosphere of your office and the tone that it conveys to employees and clients when they walk in. Are you a quirky, contemporary tech company? Consider a white carpet or a pop of bright color. Are you a bank? Perhaps a more neutral mid-tone gray would be more suitable. Your office says as much about your company as your employees and your products do, so make sure that you’re sending the right message with your commercial carpeting selection.

#2. Debate Durability

When choosing a carpet material, it’s important to consider the amount of foot traffic that it will experience and how durable you will need your carpet to be. Which will be more important for your business: style or durability? The two main factors that determine a tile’s durability are the carpet tile backings and density/face weight. A dense tile with short, tight pile will be much more durable than a taller or looser yarn and will be able to withstand more foot traffic. Hardback versus cushion-backed carpet tiles also plays a vital role in expected lifespan and durability. Hardback carpet tiles put all of the pressure of foot traffic onto the carpet fibers, which can get bent or crushed. Cushion-backed carpet tiles allow the cushion to compress under foot traffic which protects the carpet’s fibers from wear and tear. If your office is a private one that needs to look luxurious and experiences a low amount of foot traffic, a more plush option with smaller face weight may be a preferable choice. However, if you want to get the most out of your carpet that you can, choosing a more durable option will reduce maintenance costs and ensure a longer lifespan.

#3. Contemplate Cost

An obvious factor in choosing any material is cost. You need to make sure that you stay within your budget, so select a tile combination that is within your price range. Make sure to factor in not just the cost of materials, but also warranty costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs. Some tile options are more expensive and high-maintenance than others, so choose an option that balances desired aesthetic appeal with the allocated budget. It’s also wise to choose lifetime warranty options so that you can protect your flooring investment for as long as you need it.

#4. Consider Comfort

Another factor to balance with durability and cost-effectiveness is comfort. If your employees spend a lot of time on their feet, such as in a retail store, it’s advised that you choose a flooring option that provides adequate underfoot support. This will reduce muscle strain and fatigue for your employees, which will preserve their energy and efficiency throughout the workday.

#5. Note Noise Level

Carpet absorbs sound and keeps it from carrying across open spaces. If you have a noisy office, or if your employees need a quiet atmosphere due to the nature of their work, consider denser and plusher carpeting tiles.

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