Tips to Prepare for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting is an extremely popular commercial flooring solution due to its aesthetic appeal, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance. A weekly vacuum, occasional spot cleaning, and yearly deep clean are the only steps necessary to keep your commercial flooring looking almost as good as new. If your Anaheim office has commercial carpeting that needs to be cleaned, you should know that there are a few steps you should take before your commercial carpet cleaner gets to work. While these steps aren’t required, they will make life a lot easier for you, your employees, and your cleaning service. If you want to get the deepest, longest-lasting clean possible, here are a few tips to prepare for commercial carpet cleaning.

Inspect Your Carpeting

Before your commercial carpet cleaner arrives, take time to inspect all of your carpeting and identify any spots that need special attention. If there are any stains or spots you would like removed, have them in mind beforehand and point them out to the cleaner when they arrive. This will ensure that the cleaner pays special attention and takes extra time removing these spots that you’ve prioritized. 

Pre-Clean If Possible

We always recommend that you vacuum your carpet before your commercial carpet cleaning. Some people believe that this is the responsibility of the cleaning company, and they will vacuum if needed, but vacuuming beforehand will help the cleaners get right to work and give you a more thorough and lasting clean.

Move Objects That Touch the Floor

Remove as much furniture from the room as possible and pick up any small items around desks, such as trash cans, filing boxes, and chair mats. If there are any items that are easily breakable, we advise moving these as well as an extra precaution. Pin up any blinds or curtains that touch the floor, and secure any upholstered furniture or long tablecloths. This will keep them from being damaged by strong chemical cleaning solutions or commercial carpet cleaning equipment.

Ensure Parking is Available

Clear vehicles from the spots closest to your office entrance in order to give cleaners easy access to the building. With heavy commercial cleaning equipment on board, your cleaners will appreciate having the parking spot closest to the entrance. You should also try to avoid blocking in any vehicles, in case anyone needs to leave. If you’d like to go the extra mile and make your cleaner’s life easier, let them know ahead of time what sort of parking is available and how to most easily access your office entrance.

If you have commercial carpeting throughout your Anaheim office, it’s recommended that you have the carpet deep cleaned once a year. If you take the time to hire a commercial carpet cleaner every 12 to 18 months, you can keep your office looking pristine and extend the lifespan of your commercial carpeting by years. If you need new commercial carpeting installed in your office, call JKP Flooring at (800) 500-5739. We have hundreds of design options available, and we use an innovative installation technique that never interrupts your company’s workflow. Give us a call today to learn more about the JKP difference and receive a free quote.