The Process of Commercial Carpet Installation

When it comes to creating a comfortable, welcoming, and practical office space for your Orange business, there’s no better solution than commercial carpeting. Its durability, versatility, and low-maintenance nature make it the perfect flooring choice for offices and commercial spaces of all types. From rolled carpeting to carpet tiles, JKP can provide your business with quick and hassle-free commercial carpet installation that completely transforms your office. Here’s what you can expect from JKP during the commercial carpet installation process.

Step 1: Consultation

We’ll always begin the process by working one-on-one with you to get an intimate understanding of your office’s exact needs. We can perform a needs analysis to identify areas where your carpeting can be improved, and we’ll walk you through all of our flooring options. We work with market-leading commercial carpet manufacturers like Shaw and Mohawk in order to give you the largest selection of high-quality commercial flooring available. We’ll help you decide which products and processes will best suit your needs, and we’ll provide you with a free carpet installation estimate on the spot.

Step 2: Planning

Once you’ve decided on the flooring you’d like to have installed, we’ll create a plan for the carpet installation process. JKP installs your flooring during nights and off-hours so that your workflow never has to be disrupted. In order to make the process as efficient and transparent as possible, we’ll create a color-coded phasing plan that identifies which area of your office will be worked on each night. We work in phases so that you don’t have to close your business for days on end while your carpet is installed. Instead, we work around your schedule in order to provide you with the most efficient and least disruptive installation process possible.

Step 3: Removal

The first step of the installation process is the removal of your old flooring. We carefully cut and remove your old carpeting from that night’s project area, creating a blank canvas for the new installation. Using our unique installation method, we begin by raising all furniture in place so that we can remove the old carpeting without the need for packing, disconnecting, dismantling, or moving any furniture or electronic equipment. This contributes to efficiency and allows you to resume working the next day without any employee disruption whatsoever. Once the old carpeting or flooring has been removed, we can begin preparing the area for installation.

Step 4: Area Preparation

Before we begin laying down the new carpet, it’s important to prepare the subfloor for installation. We’ll clear the floor of any nails or staples and, if necessary, use a scraper to level out the subflooring. We’ll then clean the floor of dirt and debris and remove any moulding or trim around the edge of the room. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped for installation, we’ll begin laying down your new commercial carpeting.

Step 5: Installation

JKP’s commercial carpet installation process is one of the most efficient, convenient, and effective in the industry. We professionally raise the modular furniture in each night’s project area so that the new carpeting can be installed without the need for any packing, moving, disconnecting, or dismantling. We’ll install all new carpeting in each night’s color-coded area before lowering the furniture and leaving the area perfectly intact for the next morning’s workday. With JKP commercial carpet installation, you’ll never experience any employee disruption or loss of productivity. We aim to never interrupt your workflow, only installing during nights and off-hours so your experience is as hassle-free as possible.

Step 6: Cleaning

Once the carpet has been installed, we’ll clean the new carpet area and any work surfaces. We’ll dust and vacuum all surfaces so you’ll never know that renovation work was performed there when you come into work the next morning. All furniture is left in its proper location and no data or communication cabling is ever disconnected. Experience the convenience of the JKP difference with our commercial carpet installation. 

If you want to elevate your office space in Orange, consider commercial carpet installation. With hundreds of design options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find carpeting that meets all of your office’s needs. It’s affordable and convenient, with no employee disruption experienced at any time. To find out more about our installation process or receive a free carpet installation estimate, give us a call at (800) 500-5739 today.