How To Remove Stains From Your Office Carpeting

It’s a sad truth that accidents happen. Elbows bump coffee mugs, pens break, plates get tipped over, and a dozen other kinds of mistakes can occur that end with something staining your Anaheim office’s brand new carpets. Don’t despair; what is damaged can be fixed, and what is stained can be cleaned. If you follow the right steps and use the right cleaning materials, you can get rid of almost any kind of stain besmirching your office carpets.


The lifeblood of any functioning business, coffee is also one of the most common offenders when it comes to carpet stains. In the event of a coffee spill, put paper towels on the carpet and apply pressure with your palm to absorb as much excess fluid as possible. Don’t rub or scrub at the stain, as that will just spread it further. Once there is no more excess coffee to be absorbed, blot the stain by sprinkling or spraying cool water onto the stained area, and start blotting it with a clean damp cloth. Keep adding water until the stain is lightened, but don’t drench the carpet either, as that will just damage it. Next, clean the stain with a removal solution of either one cup of water diluting one spoon of dishwashing detergent, or half a cup of vinegar mixed with half a cup of water. Spray this solution onto the stain and blot with a damp cotton cloth until the stain is removed. Afterward, rinse the cleaned carpet by blotting the area with another damp cloth to remove the cleaning solution.


If the ink came from a ballpoint pen, apply rubbing alcohol like isopropyl (90% should suffice) on a piece of clean cloth, and blot the stain from the outer edges towards the center. Don’t rub at the stain, as that will just make it spread. Repeat this process until no more ink can be removed. Then, rinse the carpet with a clean, damp cloth, and blot the alcohol residue from the carpet. Rinse the cloth and repeat until the alcohol is removed, and dry the carpet to prevent any remaining ink on the carpet floor from wicking up to the surface of the carpet. If the stain came from a fountain pen’s ink, use the same process but with soda water instead of alcohol. 


A common fixture at celebrations and mixers, wine needs to be cleaned immediately after a spill. As soon as possible, remove excess liquid with a kitchen towel. Then apply a small amount of soda water onto the soiled carpet and blot using a clean, damp cloth. After the stain is removed, rinse the area with a damp cloth, and then blot the cleaned carpet with a dry cloth to remove any excess liquids. You can also use a hairdryer or paper towels to dry off afterward.


The source of countless “no eating at your desk” rules, food stains can be as varied as they are frustrating to clean. Starting by removing any chunks or pieces and throwing them in the trash, you’ll also want to sweep crumbs towards the center and pick them up with a damp sponge. This will get rid of the food and expose the stain itself. With a damp sponge, gently wipe at the stain from the outside and towards the center. This should make the stain gradually lighten as you pull up more and more food. Then, dilute some vinegar with warm water and spray it directly at the stain. Let this mix sit for a couple of minutes, and then use a cloth to start blotting the solution along with the stain. Continue blotting until you pull up all moisture and discoloration. If the stain refuses to come out, make a paste from baking soda and water, rub it into the stain, and wait roughly twenty minutes before washing it out with a damp cloth. If there is any residual baking soda, you can use a vacuum to get rid of it.

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