Featured Flooring Installation: US Bank Chino

Here at JKP Flooring, we work with a long list of clients who are seeking flooring that is both practical and beautiful. Finding commercial office flooring that is extremely functional and durable without sacrificing any visual appeal can sometimes be a difficult balance, but we always guide our clients in choosing the commercial flooring solution that’s right for them. Recently, we renovated a US Bank branch in Chino, California, and provided them with brand new VCT flooring that has transformed the look of their office space.

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

The most important step of any commercial flooring installation is choosing the ideal flooring type for the client’s unique needs. US Bank Chino opted for vinyl composition tile because of its extreme durability and clean, neutral appearance. Vinyl composition tile, or VCT, is an extremely popular choice for commercial flooring and any area with high foot traffic. VCT is known for being extremely hardwearing and offering enhanced performance in high traffic areas. It’s also a relatively low-cost option, from initial installation costs to long-term maintenance fees. These vinyl tiles are easy to install and can be replaced with little effort. If one section of the floor is damaged, you can remove and replace individual tiles with ease and at little cost. The design versatility of VCT is another factor that makes it ideal for commercial installations. There are virtually endless color and pattern combinations that allow it to be utilized by businesses in any industry. US Bank Chino chose a clean white color with darker flecks in order to maintain a professional, neutral finish with subtle, eye-catching dimension.

The Installation Process

US Bank Chino posed a challenge in that the floor was uneven and required leveling in some areas. Although this required several extra steps, we were still able to complete the job in just one day. After removing the old flooring, we vacuumed the area and applied a floor patch. Floor patch smooths and fills any minor imperfections in the flooring, creating a smooth base surface ideal for installing the tile over. After the patch was allowed to completely dry, we apply a material called floor float. This material is applied in areas that are lower than the “ground zero” height, filling in the extra space and evening out the overall level of the floor. Once this floor float has dried, we then apply the floor glue. While the glue is tacky, we install the VCT one row at a time, working outward from the hallway. Once all of the tiles have been installed and the base is finished, the new VCT is sealed and waxed for a perfect polished finish. 

US Bank Chino was thrilled with their new commercial flooring and the enhanced aesthetic appeal it offered. It gave the office space a facelift and provided them a durable flooring solution that will last for years to come. If you’re a business seeking hardworking and trustworthy commercial flooring specialists, look no further than JKP Flooring. We have dozens of stories just like that of US Bank Chino, with consistent 5-star service. Our commercial flooring installation process is efficient and non-disruptive, so you never have to experience productivity downtime or shut down your office for the sake of flooring installation. To find out more or schedule a free estimate, give us a call today at (800) 500-5739.