Commercial Carpeting: Love It or Leave It?

For years, carpeting has been the king of the commercial flooring industry. However, as we discussed in our blog about 2020 design trends, some businesses have been passing up on carpeting in favor of other flooring solutions. There are plenty of reasons why businesses favor commercial carpeting, from its affordability to the broad number of options that come with it, but there are also reasons why your business might require a different type of flooring.

Make no mistake, there are advantages to choosing commercial carpeting for your business. Carpeting, in both broadloom and tiling forms, is affordable and customizable. Commercial carpeting is pleasing to the eye and comes in such a wide range of styles and patterns that it can fit almost any office’s aesthetic. It is also easier for commercial flooring installers to add new carpeting to a building than other types of flooring, which helps minimize disruption to the workflow. 

Employees also appreciate commercial carpeting for a range of comfort reasons. Because carpeting is softer and more yielding, it reduces pressure on people’s joints as they walk and stand on it. Carpet also helps reduce overall noise, muffling footsteps and trapping the sounds of phones ringing, filing cabinets opening and closing, and other nuisances to the ears. 

However, the weaknesses of commercial carpeting have seen it fall out of favor for some customers. Increasingly, trends have veered towards commercial flooring materials that can replicate the beauty of hardwood without the demanding maintenance requirements that come with it. Luxury vinyl tiling excels at this role, providing an aesthetic that is refined and attractive while also being affordable and far easier to care for. Luxury vinyl tile is seeing increasingly popular use in break rooms and common areas, where it holds up well against the heavier foot traffic. At JKP Flooring, we offer a range of luxury vinyl options, including tiles, planks, and sheets that can be installed by our commercial flooring specialists. 


Another major reason why some are abandoning carpeting is to better handle spills and liquids. Rubber is perhaps the best flooring material available for high-moisture work environments such as gymnasiums and healthcare facilities, with a surface that is all but impenetrable for fluids. Additionally, if a spill does occur on a rubber floor, it actually becomes less likely someone will slip and fall on it than if it had occurred on a tile floor. Carpet, meanwhile, will soak up liquids and absorb them into the fibers, which makes stain removal difficult and lead to unpleasant odors filling the work environment. 

Lastly, some businesses are choosing harder flooring materials than carpet to be able to withstand high amounts of foot traffic. Ceramic and porcelain tiling are perfect in this regard, able to hold up to extreme amounts of foot traffic, as well as trolleys, handcarts, and other common forms of traffic in an office. Similar to rubber, hard tiling also holds up well against stains and spills, making them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas with constant spill hazards. Carpet, meanwhile, can eventually develop ugly ruts and blemishes in it where the fibers get worn down. 

If you need a commercial carpet installer or would like to explore other types of flooring, you can trust the experts at JKP Flooring. We’re the premier commercial flooring specialist of Southern California, with a wide range of commercial flooring options including, carpet, vinyl, and ceramic tiling. We provide a non-disruptive installation service that will see your business enjoying its brand-new flooring without your workflow being interrupted. If you’d like to get a free estimate or more information about the various commercial flooring options we offer, call us today at (800) 500-5379.