The Advantages of Carpet Tiling for Commercial Installations

Carpet and carpet tiles are the most popular flooring products for commercial installations. Although the two products are very similar, many office spaces will opt for carpet tiles. There are many advantages of installing carpet tiles in commercial areas, and here are some of the main reasons why many business owners choose carpet tiling.

EASY TO INSTALL – Carpet tiles are small, making them easier to lift, move, and install. Additionally, there is usually less waste because carpet tiles come in different sizes and can better fit specific areas. Meaning installation in any space is simple.

EASY TO MAINTAIN – Apart from regular vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning, carpet tiles are easily replaceable if permanent damage occurs. The result of the replacement will not be apparent or patchy because the tiles match the rest of the installation.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – In general, carpet comes in a large variety of colors and patterns. However, with carpet tiles, office spaces can look professional and straightforward, or incorporate bold designs and accents. Carpet tiles have a unique look with its seams and when installed properly, the design will look cohesive and add to the overall aesthetics. Installing carpet tiles in innovative configurations and using accent colors are a great way to stand out and make an impression.

EXTREMELY DURABLE – Many carpet tile products are enhanced to be stain resistant and have more cushion to absorb the impact of foot traffic. It is made to last, but in case it tears or rips, the carpet tile is still easily replaceable.

COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT – Most office spaces have carpet because it helps reduce noise levels and provides a cushion to walk and stand on. Carpet tiles have the same effect.  

Here at JKP Flooring, we offer flooring installations for occupied office spaces, and take carpet tile installations to the next level! Hoping to replace the carpet in your office? Give us a call today for a free estimate at (800) 500-5739.

How to Protect and Maintain Your Commercial Carpeting

Replacing your commercial flooring is an investment, and much like other investments you make in life, it’s essential to protect it to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Commercial carpeting goes through a lot of daily wear and tear and requires more maintenance than most flooring types. How can you ensure your office’s carpeting will last as long as possible?

Regular Vacuuming

Carpet fibers collect pollen, dust, and other contaminants quickly, so it’s important to vacuum regularly. The more dirt your carpet accumulates before being cleaned, the quicker the carpet will show signs of wear and tear. Depending on the foot traffic of your business/office, the carpet may need vacuuming every day or just once or twice a week.

Deep Clean Periodically

Although vacuuming helps protect your carpet, it won’t clean your carpet 100%. Some of the dust particles have settled deep in the carpeting and needs a deep cleaning for removal. Commercial carpeting should be deep cleaned professionally several times a year, depending on the office’s level of foot traffic.

Clean Spills Quickly

Oh no. Someone spilled their coffee. It happens all the time. To prevent staining the best policy is to clean the culprit right away. No one notices a clean carpet, but everyone will see a big coffee stain. Typically with carpet tiling, if stains do occur, it’s simple to replace the targeted areas without having to rip up the entire floor.

A little regular maintenance will go a long way when it comes to protecting your commercial carpeting. Commercial carpet should be replaced every ten years on average so if you think you may need carpeting replacement for your office, give us a call today at (800) 500-5739. We have locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada readily available for your occupied office flooring installation.

Commercial Flooring Trends of 2018

When it comes to replacing the flooring of your commercial or office space, there are quite a few things to take into consideration. With such a variety of commercial flooring options available, thoroughly assessing your company’s culture and needs are the key to choosing the best flooring for your office space. But even then, it might still be a little tricky to decide, and it’s helpful to know what other companies have done. Here are some of the top commercial flooring trends of 2018.


Carpet/Carpet Tiles

Within the commercial flooring industry, carpet still dominates the market due to its benefits. Unlike most other options, carpet reduces noise levels, insulates the office space, and adds soft padding to walk or stand on. Carpet and carpet tiles can be customized to fit any company’s vision concerning color and design. Another reason for its popularity is that carpet tiles are easily replaceable when stained. This allows business owners to save a lot of money in the long run.


In retail or healthcare spaces, vinyl and VCT products are the most installed flooring products. Like carpet, vinyl can be customized to fit any vision, except vinyl may be harder to replace. It is, however, more durable when it comes to tearing and staining. This is usually the cheapest and the most low-maintenance option for business owners.


Bold Design and Colors

A simple way to make an office or retail space stand out is incorporating bright colors and designs to the floor, walls, or ceiling. Bold colors like orange, teal, or neons, are great to add life to an otherwise neutral space without being too distracting. Design and colors can speak volumes about a company’s branding and lifestyle, and be an easy way to define an area.

Environmentally Friendly

Many business owners are looking for the sustainable option for their commercial flooring. Being environmentally friendly is already a growing trend in all industries, so more business owners are dedicated to helping the environment in their office spaces as well.

Although trends typically come and go, some trends are here to stay. Carpet and vinyl have been the most popular options for commercial flooring installations, and they still are dominating the industry. However, many business owners are embracing bold accents to their flooring design and choosing the sustainable option.

Here at JKP Flooring, we know that choosing the perfect office space flooring can be a difficult decision. However, the design and installation process doesn’t have to be. We are here to help you choose a product, design the flooring, and install. Replacing your commercial space flooring can be hassle-free with JKP! Give us a call today at (800) 500-5739 for a free estimate.

Don’t Close Your Business to Replace Its Carpet

For nearly 30 years now, JKP Flooring has specialized in occupied office floor installations all across California, Arizona, and Nevada. Some of our happy clients include Facebook LA, Google, Intel, and many more. So when it comes to installing commercial carpeting what makes us so unique?

Experience the JKP Difference

When it comes to replacing the carpet in an office space or business, it can be a hassle to close down during work hours or have to open outside of work hours. Our installation method allows our client’s business to run as usual and enable all computer hardware and cables to stay in place. This method means no downtime, no moving/packing, no dismantling, no disconnecting, and best of all, no business disruption.

The Process

After walking through the location and completing our evaluation, we create a color-coded phasing plan to identify which area of the building we will be working on each night. When regular business hours come to an end, that’s when we go in and work our magic!

We carefully cut and remove the old flooring in the designated area, and prepare it for the new flooring installation. Any modular furniture is professionally raised, and we install the new flooring underneath. After the installation is complete, we’ll dust and clean the work area, and replace free standing furniture to its original location.

Just like that – brand new flooring overnight. When our clients come in the next day, it’s like nothing has changed except for the floor! Our clients can save money and time with our hassle-free process. Are you looking for new floor installation for your business? Give us a call today at (800) 500-5739 for a free quote!

How Often Should Your Commercial Carpet Be Replaced?

Carpet needs to be cleaned often to maintain its color and strength, as well as prevent allergens and dirt from building up within the carpet fibers. Unlike diamonds, though, carpet doesn’t last forever. Carpet, especially in high traffic areas, needs to be replaced every 10 years on average. It ultimately depends on the type of carpet, the amount of traffic it endures, and how often it’s maintained. Here are four signs that your commercial space needs new carpet:

Matting and Tearing – Over time, carpet is bound to matte and show some wear and tear. Some materials are more prone to matting than others and sometimes there’s not much you can do to salvage a carpet once it’s matted down. Rips and tears in the carpet are not only unsightly, they’re a trip hazard! Get it replaced before someone files a work injury claim!

Stains – There is no way you can impress your company guests with stained carpet and honestly, stains are unsightly to look at for everybody. With carpet tiles, it’s easier to replace just the affected area and could save you money in the long run.

Odor – If there’s a foul smell coming from your carpet that no amount of deep cleaning or air freshener can mask, it might be time to replace it. Chances are the smell has permeated through the carpet and into the padding, or mold has gotten into the carpet and padding.

Style and Material – If your office is still rocking carpet from the 90’s, it’s definitely time for a carpet replacement. Partially because that carpet is over 20 years old, but also because the carpet design is out of fashion. It’s time to install carpet with the latest technological advancements. Many commercial carpet options today are built to last longer, look better, and ultimately save you money in the long run.

At JKP Flooring, we’d recommend replacing your commercial carpet every 7-12 years. Although we install all types of office flooring, for carpet we usually go with products made up of nylon, olefin, or polypropylene materials because it tends to last longer than others.

We offer a free estimate for all projects and would be more than happy to come to your office and offer a free “needs analysis” along with a “no-cost bid”. We have locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada readily available for your occupied office flooring installation. Give us a call at 800-500-5739 and let’s get started on your free estimate!

What Flooring Should I Choose For My Business?

When it comes to new floors for your business, there are quite a few options to choose from. Many companies use carpet, tile, or vinyl, but it ultimately depends on the style of your office and your needs.

Considering Style and Needs

The first step to choosing new flooring for your commercial space is to consider the company’s lifestyle and what the floor is holding up against. Different types of installations and different colors portray different atmosphere tones, as well as vary in durability and pricing.

Considering the Options

After you have a better idea of the direction you want to head, consider your flooring options. Some of our most popular installations are with carpet, tiles, vinyl composition tiles (VCT), and vinyl.

Carpet is great for insulation, energy efficiency, lower noise levels, as well as added comfort and coziness. It’s a popular choice for low to medium traffic areas like office spaces and is available in wide range of styles, colors, and construction, making it the most flexible and customizable option for flooring. Installing carpet tiles make it easier to replace specific areas that are damaged or stained.  However, it does need to be cleaned often to prevent allergen build up.

Tile is best known for its durability and stain resistance, making it a popular option in high traffic areas like retail. With a wide variety of styles and colors, tiles can make spaces seem more elegant and luxurious. However, that comes with a larger price tag. Additionally, it’s not the most comfortable for employees or customers to stand on for a long period of time, and is expensive to repair.

Vinyl/VCT is also offered in a variety of styles, colors and designs. This is a popular option for big offices, healthcare, and retail spaces. It’s ideal for high traffic areas like these because it’s durable and can resist scratches and stains. It’s usually the cheapest option and is low-maintenance. The downside of vinyl is that it’s hard to replace if only a specific area needs it.

Considering the Installer

At JKP Flooring, we specialize in flooring for occupied office space throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Since 1989, we’ve installed all types of floors for companies like Intel, Sony, and Google. Whatever your installation might look like, we’re here for you and would love to give you a free estimate. Give us a call today at (800) 500-5739.

Why JKP Flooring is Perfect for Your Business

If your office flooring is overly-stained, ripped, and overdue for an overhaul, it’s time to contact JKP Flooring for a free estimate. Impress your colleagues, clients, and guests with a quality flooring installation and a fresh, new look for the office – without interrupting productivity. Here are some reasons why companies like Google, Intel, and Sony have trusted us for their flooring needs.

Our Experience

JKP Flooring was founded in 1989 and we have always prided ourselves with being the best by providing the best work. We have own project manager, safety manager, labor supervisor, support staff, and installers, all of whom are highly skilled and trained with their jobs. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have mastered the art of installing new floors without affecting workflow.

Our Equipment

Our team is highly knowledgeable and skilled with the flooring installation process and offers only the latest flooring industry technology and the best materials. We partner with many carpet and floor manufacturers to offer you high quality floors that best fit your vision and office space. Our innovative processes also allow us to work within the confines of furniture and living spaces.  

Our Process

Installing in occupied office spaces is our specialty and we’re confident no one can do it like us. We require no downtime, moving, dismantling, and best of all, no employee disruption. We come in after your office hours and work on the installation while you and your employees are out. When you come back in the morning, it’ll be as if nothing has changed but the flooring.

Updating your office flooring doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us show you how easy and great installing a new floor in your office space can be. Give JKP Flooring a call today to get your free estimate at (800)500-5739.

How Flooring Affects the Atmosphere

Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to the floor when they walk into a building or room. What people don’t realize is that the floor subconsciously affects their mood. Many airports, for example, have carpeted floors to make travelers feel more relaxed and at ease. Carpet provides a cozy and soft feeling that hardwood simply cannot replicate.

The color and design of your floors dictate the mood and tone of your workspace. Bright colors and accents will make the room more fun, creative, and playful, whereas darker tones will make the area more serious and disciplined. White or an off-white floor will make the room feel more classy and elegant.

Carpet installed in the office space is typically warmer and cozier, while hardwood floors or tiles can make the place seem more elegant and sleeker. Of course, it also depends on the type of the color and design you pick for your space, and the atmosphere you are hoping to achieve in the room.

In your office, it’s important to make your employees feel comfortable in their work space and have guests feel welcomed and at ease. At JKP Flooring, we have nearly 30 years of experience and would love to help decide what kind of flooring is best for your office space. Give us a call today to get started with a free estimate.