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What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Flooring Type

Creating a workspace that is simultaneously functional and welcoming is crucial when remodeling your commercial property.  However, while that is generally a universal need, the type of flooring needed to achieve that can vary widely based on a variety of factors such as location and industry. No matter what you need your commercial flooring to […]

Top 2020 Commercial Flooring Trends

If your commercial space, whether that be a traditional office or a retail location, needs new flooring, you may be overwhelmed with options. Trying to find the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality can be a daunting challenge. Luckily, virtually every other commercial property owner is facing the same challenge, and so trends that […]

Which Types of Businesses Benefit Most From Commercial Carpeting?

Commercial carpeting is an immensely popular commercial flooring type. It’s incredibly long-wearing, easy to maintain, and versatile. Choose from plush rolled carpet or practical carpet tiles to achieve the harmonious design you’ve always envisioned for your business. While virtually all companies can benefit from some form of commercial carpeting, certain businesses such as hotels, retail […]

Which Hard Flooring Option is Perfect for Your Business?

Hard flooring is a popular choice for commercial spaces due to its versatile appearance, durability, and easy cleaning. From hardwood floors to ceramic tile, there are many types of hard flooring that vary widely in appearance, cost, and maintenance requirements. In order to find the perfect commercial flooring solution for your business, take time to […]

Why Vinyl Flooring is Perfect for Your Business

If you’re debating which type of flooring is most suitable for your business, you may have written off vinyl flooring due to its bad rep. Vinyl flooring, unfortunately, has a reputation for being outdated and cheap due to its heavy presence in 1980s decor. The inferior quality of decades past has created a stigma around […]

Which Companies Can Benefit From Rubber Flooring?

If you’re in an industry that needs enhanced function and practicality over design, then rubber flooring is the right commercial flooring choice for you. Facilities that see a high level of foot traffic are best suited to rubber flooring since it is recyclable, highly durable, stain-resistant, slip-resistant, shock-absorbing, and easy to maintain. If you’re in […]

Tips to Prepare for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting is an extremely popular commercial flooring solution due to its aesthetic appeal, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance. A weekly vacuum, occasional spot cleaning, and yearly deep clean are the only steps necessary to keep your commercial flooring looking almost as good as new. If your Anaheim office has commercial carpeting that needs to be […]

How to Protect Your Commercial Flooring During the Summer

Summers in Anaheim are known for being beautifully sunny. However, with that comes extreme heat, high humidity, and damaging sun exposure. While you’re probably aware of these damaging effects on your person, you may not consider how these factors are also damaging your commercial flooring. In order to protect your investment, you should take additional […]

The Process of Commercial Carpet Installation

When it comes to creating a comfortable, welcoming, and practical office space for your Orange business, there’s no better solution than commercial carpeting. Its durability, versatility, and low-maintenance nature make it the perfect flooring choice for offices and commercial spaces of all types. From rolled carpeting to carpet tiles, JKP can provide your business with […]