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JKP’s Safe & Efficient Flooring Installation Process

We know that there are a lot of questions and hesitations around hiring service providers in the current climate. Health and safety concerns are of the utmost importance, and social distancing must be followed by everyone. Luckily, JKP is a commercial flooring specialist with an installation process that has always been contact-free. That’s part of […]

How to Clean Every Type of Commercial Flooring

If your commercial flooring specialist has just provided your office with beautiful, brand new flooring, your next step will likely be to figure out how to clean it. While you may opt to hire a professional service for your flooring’s annual deep cleanings, you’ll likely need to clean up any spills on your own and […]

The Best Ways to Extend Your Carpet’s Lifespan

Commercial carpeting is frequently used in places like hotels, office buildings, and many other kinds of businesses in Anaheim. An office carpet installation, however, has to withstand far more abuse than carpeting in a home. Commercial flooring has far more people walking on it than residential, and fewer people are going to take off their […]

Rolled Carpeting vs. Carpet Tiles: Which is Right for Your Business

Carpeting is one of the most popular options for commercial flooring. Not only is carpeting reasonably affordable and comfortable, but it also comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, making it the perfect choice for almost any interior design. When choosing an office carpet to install in your Anaheim business, there are two […]

Pros & Cons of Commercial Carpeting

Commercial carpeting is a ubiquitous feature in numerous businesses, with qualities that make it ideal as a flooring solution for most types of offices. However, there are also drawbacks to carpeting that could have you considering other types of commercial flooring as well. In this blog, we’ll present some of the pros and cons of […]

Commercial Carpeting: Love It or Leave It?

For years, carpeting has been the king of the commercial flooring industry. However, as we discussed in our blog about 2020 design trends, some businesses have been passing up on carpeting in favor of other flooring solutions. There are plenty of reasons why businesses favor commercial carpeting, from its affordability to the broad number of […]

How Moisture Affects Different Types of Commercial Flooring

It’s estimated that American businesses spend roughly $2.4 billion on remediation of structures and floor coverings due to moisture-related flooring failures every year, and an additional $1.2 billion is spent on topical moisture treatments. On top of added expenses in terms of project delays, unplanned expenditures, and more, it also adds lost opportunity costs due […]

How To Remove Stains From Your Office Carpeting

It’s a sad truth that accidents happen. Elbows bump coffee mugs, pens break, plates get tipped over, and a dozen other kinds of mistakes can occur that end with something staining your Anaheim office’s brand new carpets. Don’t despair; what is damaged can be fixed, and what is stained can be cleaned. If you follow […]

Featured Flooring Installation: US Bank Chino

Here at JKP Flooring, we work with a long list of clients who are seeking flooring that is both practical and beautiful. Finding commercial office flooring that is extremely functional and durable without sacrificing any visual appeal can sometimes be a difficult balance, but we always guide our clients in choosing the commercial flooring solution […]

The Best Commercial Flooring Type for Your Foot Traffic

When businesses need new flooring, there are several questions that immediately come to mind. What color? Carpet or hard flooring? Do you need a custom pattern or logo incorporated? Usually, comfort and style are the main factors taken into consideration. However, maintenance and durability are perhaps the most important things to consider when choosing a […]